Introducing the Emotion Collection by Kassis



The creative team of the house designed this new, modern jewellery line inspired by our emblematic Heritage collection, deeply connected to eclectic Art Deco aesthetics.
Geometric shapes are set with precious stones and enamel composing a fine collection consisting of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in two different colour versions of gold. It is today’s demanding role of a modern woman, this   dynamism and self-confidence that the E MOTION collection wants to capture. After all, what is to be in constant motion without emotion?







Staying true to the art of handmade jewellery , Kassis designed each jewel of this special collection, giving life through a precious and perfectly styled assembly.  A shiny rotor like a semi-circular ornament that moves enriched with diamonds screwed on an enamel case.
Unique, elegant, timeless but also fun, this collection was designed to highlight the multifaceted femininity of the busy woman. Whatever your personal style is, the jewellery of the E MOTION series invites you to live every moment wearing them 24/7.