Introducing the Marshmallow Collection by Kassis

This spring, the power of nature comes back in full force to welcome the beauty of light and love, through a playful attitude. The Kassis Design Room introduces Marshmallow, the new collection where colors, designs and stones give shape to innovative pieces that automatically become classics in an ethereal ode to joy.
The brand’s new eclecticism embraces the imaginary world of a delicious candy shop: Diamonds are met with enamel in soft pastels and bold combinations, resting on white and 18k rose gold, in a series of earrings and rings with an art deco feel, minimal aesthetics and crisp elegance. Finess breathes life to these fresh key-pieces that become the amulets of a new kind of optimism. Light, fluffy and delicious marshmallows that incarnate the pure, authentic expression of innocence.